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The Journey Home...Our Final Act Of Living

Death is one of life's most difficult transitions for the patient, their family and friends. We live in a society that views death with much resistance and fear. An End Of Life Doula provides a safe and sacred space as well as compassion and support during the end of life process and thereafter.

What is an End Of Life Doula ? They are people who help the dying and their families as death approaches and at times years prior to the onset of the journey home. Doulas create legacy projects of the dying by exploring and honoring the meaning of their life by creating documents, video, audio or other creative means to showcase their life story. We also create a vigil plan so the individual can write the ending to their story exactly as they would want. How would you like those final days and hours to be? Who would you want to be by your side? Doulas will be their during the final days and hours to create and carry out the personal vigil that was requested. We provide emotional support, companionship, respite to all, and so much more guiding everyone's path while transitioning from life to death and into grief and beyond. As an End Of Life Doula we build relationships for what many see as the most difficult of times.

The dying process although amazingly sad is also the most meaningful experience you can have with a loved one. 

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